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Meet our team. To find out which professionals have expertise in the topic you are looking for and which clinical approach they follow, use the filters below.

António Tavares

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"We all have a unique and singular experience of life. This truth is something that governs my professional practice, as deeply respectful and understanding of the other.

I believe that psychotherapy is a space for sharing, free of judgments, and where people can experience a genuine relationship. I always try to guarantee the satisfaction of my clients, motivating me to respond appropriately to the requests requested and to my development as a professional."

Delso Batista

Clinical psychologist | MSc

“Therapeutic care through psychotherapy is a shared path that is sustained by ethics and empathy. In my view, more than that, psychotherapy is a unique experience of elaboration, reconstruction and search for an individual's autonomy. ​

Through psychotherapy, I try to establish a unique relational bond, of active, open and understanding listening in the face of suffering, stigma, but also the potential for development and updating of each person, always taking into account the subject in his/her biopsychosocial dimension, located in a particular time and space and with its specificities, choices and narratives.”

Luís Pinheiro

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"Clinical practice presents itself as a space for mutual and constant learning, where each therapeutic process is unique and challenging. In a society focused on performing different roles, therapy presents itself as a search for authenticity. Intervention based on the objectives and people in front of us is essential for its success. Thus, my training combines clinical psychology with social psychology, where I try to consider all the variables and systems where the person is inserted, paying special attention to diversity and the social markers that distinguish us, especially in social, economic, ethnic contexts. -racial and cultural."

Michael Dickinson

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"I really enjoy working in mental health. I´ve been lucky to witness amazing life stories with unique and complex challenges and I´ve been able to share in the joy of finding hope and happiness in those stories.
This process is never the same for two different people, it's always unique and I'm here to help."

Sandra Mateus

Clinical psychologist | MSc

" 'The sculpture already exists within the marble block, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material' - Says Michelangelo. His statement’s essence represents my positioning as a therapist - I believe we’re already the sculptures we desire to be, it’s just sometimes we need a hand discovering our chisel.

I support this 'discovery' process, where spontaneity incurs transformation, and everyone’s singularities are respected and welcomed in our therapeutic safe space."

Susana Soares

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"For me, the psychotherapeutic process is a journey of growth and self-discovery, made in the context of a safe, nurturing and, above all, respectful relationship.
The therapeutic relationship opens and contains a safe space for joint exploration of our different dimensions - cognitive, bodily, emotional, spiritual - in a search for better, and more integrated, mental health.

Being a therapist is, for me, accompanying each person in this discovery of themselves, promoting gentle curiosity and, above all, self-acceptance and self-compassion - qualities that serve as "fertilizer" for the unfolding of our potential and solutions for our difficulties."

Vânia Dias

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"Each person is a world with its specificities and needs in search of a balance. It is by recognizing the importance of psychological well-being as individuals and / or social beings that I try to contribute to the promotion of mental health by sharing my professional experience and social awareness."

Bárbara Videira

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"It is difficult to admit to ourselves that we are the only ones responsible for the life we ​​lead. This is because many times we are not satisfied with that same life. But if we allow ourselves to become aware of this power that we have, the future becomes more hopeful because, although we have no power over what happens to us; we always have power over how we react to it.

From the moment we stop being victims of these same circumstances and consequences, and start to assume power over them, that's when we also start to have the power to change our lives. After all, "not living is what tires you the most" and through psychotherapy, my biggest goal is to help you find your own path so that you can continue your journey."

Francisco Valente Gonçalves

Clinical psychologist | PhD

"All people are a universe of valid perspectives. Sometimes the way we look at the world needs support in order to organize our own perspectives.

It is in this space that I place myself as a therapist. In order to provide a safe, comfortable space where the spontaneity of each person I work with is respected in their time and capacity for transformation, in order to achieve the goals that are proposed."

Maria Pais

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"As a therapist, I try to foster an empathic relationship based on listening, understanding, security and acceptance. This relationship will allow us to start, together, a path of personal growth that allows the individual to manage the challenges of the moment and achieve their goals."

Olga Babira // Ольга Бабира

Clinical psychologist // Клинический психолог | MSc

"I am sure that there is nothing more exciting than the process of self-discovery, getting to know your feelings, needs and desires. Often we carry with us the burden of past experiences, unprocessed psychological traumas, repressed emotions and painful experiences.
In the process of psychotherapy, it becomes possible to gradually get rid of excess and find new meanings.

As a result, one's own way of living the kind of life one wants to live, being in harmony with oneself, other people and the surrounding world, appears."

Sofia Correia Alegria

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"From what I've been learning, I keep the idea that the other, who is in psychotherapy, is the one in charge. He is the one who brings the content, the way he feels most comfortable.

This way of being 'leveled' with the patient, in a personal, interested, concerned contact is what will allow me to be just a facilitator in someone's journey, who grows and becomes autonomous."

Sílvia Campos

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"I am motivated by the possibility of promoting well-being and balance in people's lives, promoting and favoring access to self-knowledge."

Carolina Blom

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"Every person, regardless of age, needs to feel valued, to attribute meaning to what they do and what happens in their life path.

This observation that I made at the beginning of my journey is the foundation of my work with people who seek to build change with my accompaniment."

Inês Gaspar

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"I believe that within each of us there are multiple possibilities of being. In this sense, living consists of self-discovering our potential" selves "and deciding what, within us, we want to feed and cultivate and how we can do it.

​In my clinical practice, I strive to facilitate this reunion, creating a space of empathy, security, understanding and acceptance."

Marta Branco

Clinical psychologist | MSc

""As much as we are equal, experience is a constant that markedly changes us.

I believe in people and change. I am motivated by the creation of interpersonal relationships that allow the person to be and be authentically with himself and with the other. My work involves, through the therapeutic relationship, accompanying the person on this trip; to (re) discover yourself and (re) invent yourself gaining autonomy in an empathetic, honest and safe environment."

Rosa Castro André

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to develop professional projects in other cultures which gave me the experience of having to adapt to a new environment both professionally and personally.

Living and working in a foreign country can be a very enriching situation, but it can also be very scary and stressful. If this suffering, with consequences in the affective, professional level or in the relationship with others, remains for a long period of time, the person may believe that life will always be like this and that there is little hope of change and in these circumstances Psychotherapy or Psychological monitoring can open the door to a different and more positive future."

Susana S. Lourenço

Clinical psychologist | MSc

The therapeutic process is partly similar to the concept of a tabula rasa, whose blank spaces are progressively filled in by the expansion of self-knowledge, the acquisition of skills and the products of communication guided by empathy, understanding and trust.

Each consultation is part of a journey for two, led and guided by the patient. It is precisely through the therapeutic alliance and the safe environment that their existence provides that the opportunity for their personal development arises, facilitated by the psychologist, always in favor of psychological well-being."

Teresa Patrício

Clinical psychologist | MSc

"I am fascinated by the individuality of each person, with their abilities and their weaknesses. What moves me is to be able to help each one of them to find themselves and find their way, in order to live a more full, happy and liberating.

​And this help only happens in a therapeutic environment based on trust and security as well as genuine communication and acceptance."

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