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  • Member of the Portuguese board of psychologists nº 26583

  • Masters in Health and clinical psychology

  • Psychodrama director - Sociedade portuguesa de psicodrama (Ongoing)

  • Coach - Transformational coaching certificate (Power2Blossom)

  • Trainer - Trainer certificate (CCP - Joviform consulting)

  • Complementary training in body psychotherapy

  • Complementary training in communicational techniques

  • Complementary training in E-mental health

  • Experience as a researcher in themes related to mental health (Universidade católica portuguesa)

  • Experience in primary health care

  • Social and community intervention through theatre (Improv and Playback theatre)

  • Experience in psychological support for higher education students.

  • “Innovation in Psychological intervention” award, by the portuguese board of psychologists (2018)

Sandra Mateus

Clinical psychologist | MSc

Anxiety | Relationships | Personal development | Depression | Stress | Coaching

" 'The sculpture already exists within the marble block, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material' - Says Michelangelo. His statement’s essence represents my positioning as a therapist - I believe we’re already the sculptures we desire to be, it’s just sometimes we need a hand discovering our chisel.

I support this 'discovery' process, where spontaneity incurs transformation, and everyone’s singularities are respected and welcomed in our therapeutic safe space."

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