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1. Privacy Policy
This document is the Platform Policy Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"), which contains information regarding the privacy of the User during the use of the Website and the services adjacent to the Platform. The Privacy Policy presented here is part of the Platform Terms and Conditions which can be found on the specific page of this Website. The terms "User" and "his / her" have the same meaning as in the Platform Terms as well as "Contents", "Professionals", "Website" and "Platform". By using the Course Platform, the User agrees to fully agree with the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Under no circumstance that the User does not agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and / or the Privacy Policy, you must stop using the Platform immediately. By using the Course Platform and any adjacent services thereof, you confirm that you have the legal capacity to understand the Privacy Policy and have read and understood the provisions before and after this point.

2. Collection of Information and Use of it
In order to be possible for the Platform to be operational and to be possible for its use by the User, including, but not limited to, the use of Content and the provision of services by Professionals, the Platform needs to collect Information and data that are related to the User ("Information" and "Data"). The User may decide what kind of information, if any, he / she accepts to provide through the Platform. However, the same information provided will condition the type of functionality that the User can enjoy through the Platform. By providing any information to the Course Platform, the User accepts the methods of collecting Information and its use by the Course Platform. The Course Platform allows for different methods of collecting Information and Data: (a) use of the Platform by the User when registering on the course Platform; (B) data update; (C) Payment information; (D) Emergency Information and Data.

The information collected by the Platform will go through, without limitation, Data of the User as: (a) name; (B) email; (C) telephone contact; (D) abode; (E) bank details. The Course Platform allows the use of Information and Data collected in isolation and / or in conjunction with other Data and Information for different purposes: (a) creation of a registration account in the course Platform; (B) possibility to log in to the account of the User; (C) administration of the account of the User; (E) monitoring the account of the User; (F) provide customer service; (G) platform-related information contacts such as newsletters, alerts, suggestions and the like; (H) payment information; (I) contact the User by the Platform or by competent authorities regarding dangerous situations and / or due to the belief in the User being the cause or the victim of criminal and illegal acts ; (J) Provide Data to Professionals who provide services to the Course Platform.

3. Registration Data
The Registration Data ("Registration Data") is accessible through the Platform via the use of the Website by the User. The Registration Data is recorded by the Platform servers and / or by third party servers that provide services to the Platform. The maintenance of the servers is not the legal responsibility of the platform, and the Platform does not accept any legal responsibility for losses and / or damages arising from the misuse of servers. User Data is obtained through, but not limited to, digital recordings such as: (a) IP protocol address, (b) User's computer; (C) pages of the course platform visited and the time of its use; (D) actions taken while using the Website; (E) other type of statistical data. The Platform is reserved for the right to use the Data collected to monitor the use of the Users, the functionality of the platform as well as the preferences and needs of the User.

4. Session Data
The sessions carried out through the Course Platform have data sharing between User and Professional that provides services to the Course Platform ("Session Data"). The Session Data may be used by the Platform and / or by Professionals who hold sessions with the User for different purposes: (a) to enable Professionals to work with the User specifically and exclusively; (B) supervise, administer and monitor the services provided; (C) provide professional supervision to Professionals by qualified professionals. Any moment of supervision performed shall at any time have the User's Registration Data anonymised and confidential. The Session Data may be recorded and used anonymously for monitoring Platform services and / or for training purposes, as well as being part of the User's personal file.

5. Social Information Tools
The Platform may use Social Information Tools ("Social Information Tools") such as social networks, without limit, Facebook and / or Twitter, among others. Companies like Facebook Inc. or Twitter are companies that comply with the assumptions of the International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles. Any Information and / or Data that is shared by the User through Social Information Tools may be freely accessible and collected by third parties. Platform Platform declines any legal liabilities due to losses and / or damages for use of Information and Data by third parties that have access to them through Social Information Tools.

6. Phishing
Users should take into account current phishing practices. Without limit, phishing is considered online identity theft. Neither the Platform nor any Professional who provides services to it will request confidential information such as credit cards or registration password by unsafe means such as: (a) email or (b) telephone call.

7. Children's Privacy
The Course Platform will not make any kind of collection of Information and / or data of minors. The Course Platform may not be used by minors except for the consent of legal guardians and consent of Professionals who provide services to the Course Platform. Any person, User or not, who is aware of the registration of data of minors in the Course Platform should immediately communicate with the Platform in order to remove and erase all data relating to minors. The Platform Platform declines any legal responsibility arising from the registration of data of minors in it.

8. Service Providers
The Course Platform may request services from third parties in order to facilitate some kind of tasks associated with the operation of the same. Examples, but not limited to, audit services, legal and operational. During the provision of services by third parties, it may be necessary to share some User Information and Data. The Course Platform will always prioritize the confidentiality of this type of content.

9. Business Transfer
The Platform may at any time and unilaterally sell part or all of its values, including Information and Data. Any transactions will be fully covered by confidentiality agreements.

10. International Transfers
Information and Data may be transferred and maintained on computers and / or servers in another location other than the User's. The laws in force at the place where they are located may be different from the legislation where the User is.

11. Compliance and Enforcement
The course platform will cooperate with official entities at the legal level and with private entities in order to comply with and enforce the law. The Platform will disclose any Information and Data, including personal information, to governmental and / or legal entities, public or private, where the belief is believed to be appropriate and necessary to respond to complaints and legal proceedings (without limit) in order to: ( A) protect any type of property and rights of the platform and / or third party platform; (B) protect public security or any natural person; (C) prevent or stop any activity deemed to be risky, illegal, unethical. The Platform may disseminate information and data to prevent liability. Professionals who provide services to Plataforma course may disclose Information and Data to public and / or private official entities according to their responsibilities. Legally, mental health professionals are required to report cases in specific situations such as, but not limited to: (a) alleged or confirmed sexual abuse of children and / or vulnerable adults; (B) risk of suicide; (C) threat to himself or others; (D) legal orders.

12. Data Retention
Users may review, update, correct or delete Information and Data by contacting the Platform and by registering. At any time, the User may ask the Platform to delete all Information and Data. The Platform Travel reserves the right to keep records for legal needs. Information and Data can be saved offline. The Platform Platform declines any responsibility to remove Information and Data from third parties to whom they have already been shared.

13. Security
The Platform uses data protection measures and information to third parties not authorized to access them. The website where the Platform is hosted has security credentials (HTTPS security certificate) that can be verified by clicking the lock icon next to the website link. Platform Platform declines any liability for malicious actions arising from corruptions of the HTTPS security certificate by third parties. However, their confidentiality can not be guaranteed. The User must consider that any method of storing Data and Information on the Internet is not totally safe. You accept and agree to share Information and Data at your own risk as outlined in the Platform Terms and Conditions. At any time that the User discovers that he / she has been a victim of hacking, he / she shall notify the Platform immediately.

14. Changes to the Privacy Policy
The Platform may update this Privacy Policy unilaterally. The User must periodically review this page.

15. Contacts
Any questions that Users have regarding this Privacy Policy should contact the Platform on the way.

16. Others
This document is a translation and might have some discrepencies from the original Portuguese which is the official document to take into account legally.

Last update made on January 10, 2022.

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