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Please read the following terms and conditions ("Terms") carefully. The following terms are applied to the access and use of the platform Plataforma ("Course platform") and contents in the same one presented ("Contents") developed by the Talking Instant Association.When accessing the Plataforma course and its Contents, If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions shown here, you are not authorized to use the Platform or any content developed by the Platform. References to the user of the Platform heading.

The user certifies that he or she is at least eighteen (18) years of age, with exceptions where the user must be accompanied by a legal guardian and with the agreement of professionals ("Professionals") who The User agrees to provide accurate and truthful information when requested by Professionals who provide services to the Platform. The User agrees to indemnify the Platform and Professionals in violation of the above described in the Terms of results of costs, damages and claims.

1. Contents

In addition to information provided by Professionals at the service of the Course Platform, the user can not consider the Contents present in the Course platform as therapeutic guidelines. The Course Platform does not recommend any type of self-medication, self-therapy or other types of procedures without the consultation of certified health professionals.

2. General

The Speaker Instant Association through the Plataforma course promotes the accomplishment of the marking of online sessions between User and Professionals in the area of ​​expertise of the Professionals through the access to the website ("Website") and its derived pages.

The sessions marked by Users respect the acceptance of the Terms as well as the clauses inscribed in the therapeutic contract between User and Professional.

3. Services

Professionals who provide services to the Platform are not considered representatives of the Platform. The User accepts to make the payment of the session upon its marking twenty-four (24) hours before the date of the same or in another register after discussion and agreement with the Professional that should be included in the therapeutic contract between User and Professional. The User agrees to register on the Course Platform and to respond correctly and truthfully to the requested information in order to be able to mark sessions of specialties with Professionals who provide services to the Course Platform. The User accepts not to create more than a record that is used by a third party other than the User, as well as to update its information in the Course Platform. Failure to accept the foregoing will authorize the unilateral termination of any communication between the Platform and Users as well as assigns the User to the compensation of the Platform and Professionals who provide services to the Platform.

4. Plataform's usage

The User accepts that despite the sessions marked with Professionals being carried out through the Course Platform, it does not have the ability to directly evaluate the validity of the services provided due to the privacy and confidentiality rules. The user is not satisfied with the services performed by Professionals who provide services to the platform and you should contact Platform via the contacts shown on the respective Contacts page. The course platform promotes supervision and supervision among professionals so that the services provided are as appropriate as possible. The User may also make a complaint from the Professional through the appropriate bodies for this purpose. Claims of professionals who provide services to the Course Platform are limited to and only to the Professional in question.

Any link [link] (including hyperlink, button and / or software reference) used in the Contents and / or without limit in the course of sessions is provided for the convenience of the User. The integration of links does not constitute any exclusive type of suggestion of use by the User nor any type of certification by the platform or partnership with the same. The use of Content on third party websites is the responsibility of the User. By agreeing to the Terms, the User agrees to the privacy policy in use by the Platform heading. For more information see the "Privacy Policy" page adjacent to the Platform Website.

5. User's Warranties

The User confirms that he or she is over 18 years of age or, in the exception of this one, is accompanied by a legal guardian and the Professional is sovereign in the unilateral decision to hold the session marked. The User agrees that the Platform is not liable for any loss and / or damage arising from the use of its registration account by third parties. You further agree that you will not use in any situation the registration account of other Users under penalty of being asked to compensate the Platform as well as Professionals who may have prejudice of this action. You agree to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your credentials such as your password. You further agree to inform the Platform immediately of any act of corruption of your password. The Course Platform recommends that the User change their password frequently and be careful about it. The Platform does not accept any responsibility for damages and / or losses arising from the theft and / or corruption of the User's password.

You confirm that you have the legal capacity to enter into a contract. The User confirms that the information given by him / herself through the Platform and / or to the professionals that provide services to the same is correct and true. You also agree to continue to provide accurate, truthful and up-to-date information in the future.

The User agrees not to make any use of the Platform, its Contents and / or the image and technical competencies of Professionals who provide services to the Platform through: (a) unsolicited email contacts and / or Advertising or promotion of goods and services of the User and / or third parties; (B) malicious software or any type of technological material (programming code, plug-ins, others); (C) abuse of power and / or privacy, threats, harassment, racism, xenophobia, or any kind of illegality; (D) breach of any Content and / or intellectual property; (E) content and / or actions that cause any kind of damage and / or loss to third parties; (F) content and / or actions that cause any kind of encouragement to criminal and / or illegal acts according to the legislation in force. The User also accepts the non-legal liability for any damages previously mentioned by the Platform and Professional Providers that provide services to the same. The User may be legally requested to compensate the Platform and professionals who render services to this due to the violation of the above provisions.

The User accepts that it will confirm the presence of viruses or any type of malicious software when downloading of Contents made available by the Platform heading as well as Contents made available by Professionals that provide services to the Platform heading.

The User will be required to indemnify, defend and hold harmless from any claims, losses and / or damages, legal actions, liabilities, costs and expenses arising but not limited to any litigation and legal costs under the Platform due To: (a) access the Platform incorrectly and / or unlawfully; (B) shares used through the registration account held by Users and / or third parties; (C) violation of the Terms in this Agreement; (E) non-payment of the services to which the User has committed to pay; (F) infringement of third party rights, including, but not limited to, intellectual property, publicity, confidentiality, right of ownership and / or privacy. The foregoing provision shall survive in the future after the contract between User and Platform expires and / or terminates.

The User accepts the existence of contacts on the part of the Platform and / or due representatives, in case of necessity, even if they have not requested it. The validity of this agreement and its terms shall be unilaterally void by the Platform on the basis that the User provides false and / or incorrect information at any time.

The User SHOULD NOT USE THE RUMO PLATFORM IN EMERGENCY SITUATION. If it happens that you need immediate help you should contact the competent authorities for this purpose. The Platform provides some contacts that should only be considered suggestions, not excepting the contact with the emergency medical service. The Platform does not accept any liability for the contact with emergency services by Users.

6. Disclaimer of liability

The Platform does not accept any responsibility due to external problems that affect its use. Should any problem occur, the User agrees to terminate its use. The Course Platform, professionals who provide services to the same and / or third parties that legally represent the Platform do not accept any responsibility due to the use of the platform and the Contents as well as to any error, omissions in the Contents or violation of any kind of intellectual property , Platform rights, Professionals who provide services to Platform heading or third parties.

The Platform, professionals who provide services to the same and / or third parties who represent the Platform legally do not accept any responsibility for acts promoting damages and / or losses realized in a direct, indirect, consequential or accidental manner, due to the use of the Platform Circumstances that promote breach of confidentiality, negligence and / or misuse. The foregoing provision applies even if the Platform is not able to alert the User to some kind of malfunctioning platform functionality.

The Platform Platform excuses itself from any responsibility for the violation of the use of the same and its Contents by the User in countries where this use is considered illegal. The User must consult the legislation in force in the country where he / she is in relation to the services that he / she wishes to be provided.

The Platform is excluded from any liability for claims, losses, claims or damages of any kind with respect to the services provided and its Contents, information provided, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or losses. This applies whether such claims, losses or damages derive from offenses, contractual rights, negligence, legal or other rights.

The User's visit and use of Platform course and any conflict of liability are subject to these disclaimers and to the legislation in force.

Termination or expiration of the agreement of these Terms, the content previously set forth in this clause will be saved.

7. Payments

The User acknowledges and agrees that all information regarding the performance of all payments made to or through the Course Platform is correct, true and will always be updated by the User.

The Users confirm and agree to make the payments only and only through means with which they are legally and completely authorized. The Platform does not accept any responsibility for illegal use of means of payment, nor will it accept to return payments made in an illegal way, being the User that will have to be responsible for some illegal act at the legal level.

The User agrees that all interaction at the level of all payments made will be made solely between User and Platform. If any type of interaction occurs at the level of payments between User and any Professional providing Platform services, the User accepts and agrees to be charged by Platform even though it has not been used for the transaction . The User agrees to notify Platform immediately if they receive any type of service, service contact, and / or paid content, from any Professional who provides services to the Platform, or if for any reason any Professional does Any kind of charge.

The User agrees to make the payments and associated fees (legal taxes) to his registration in the course Platform and the sessions marked with twenty four (24) hours before the session. Payments may be discussed with the Professionals who provide services to the Course Platform, and are subsequently made solely and exclusively through it.

The Platform is concerned with providing secure and confidential means of payment and is not legally responsible for any negligence and / or errors that occur due to third party systems at the time of payment.

Sessions will be authorized with notice by the User of at least twenty-four (24) hours. The payment being billed and requesting its collection to the User that agrees to settle the same in the absence of the previously stated. Absences from sessions will be collected and not returned if the sessions are not rescheduled according to the previous provisions. Further information on redials, and unwarranted absences can be found in the frequently asked questions.

Users can ask for refunds if they do not use all of the services that they purchased. Each refund request will be analysed by the executive management of RUMO. Users accept that in the event of accepting the refund request, a fee of 25% of the total amount that is to be refunded is applied for administrative fees.

8. Termination, modification and termination of the contract

The User accepts and acknowledges that the Platform has the power to terminate, suspend or modify its activity, or part thereof, unilaterally and without any reason, for all Users or exclusively To a User at any time and without prior notice. The User accepts and acknowledges that Platform is not responsible for the previous provision, or for any loss and / or damage caused by the previous provision. The course platform depends on various components such as software, hardware and others. The Platform does not accept any liability due to any technical disruption affected by external factors to the Course Platform.

9. Others
This document is a translation and might have some discrepancies from the original Portuguese which is the official document to take into account legally.

These Terms and Conditions were updated on January 10, 2022

If you are in an emergency situation DO NOT book a session with us.

Contact the competent authorities of the country in which you are located. Click here.

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