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  • Effective Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Order nº 23719

  • Master in Clinical Psychology - ISPA- IU

  • Graduated in Psychopharmacology for Psychologists (DFP, ISPA-IU)

  • Graduated in Psychological Assessment (TOMSK University)

  • Experience in the context of a private clinic with youth and adults (CUP-ISPA-IU)

  • Experience in educational context as a school psychologist

  • Collaborates in the production and development of scientific articles in the field of Clinical Psychology with ERISA - Escola Superior de Saúde Ribeiro Sanches

  • Collaborates in the development and implementation of social and community projects (CLDS)

Marta Branco

Clinical psychologist | MSc

Anxiety | Personal development | Depression | Isolation | Trauma | Stress | Grief | Suicidal ideation

""As much as we are equal, experience is a constant that markedly changes us.

I believe in people and change. I am motivated by the creation of interpersonal relationships that allow the person to be and be authentically with himself and with the other. My work involves, through the therapeutic relationship, accompanying the person on this trip; to (re) discover yourself and (re) invent yourself gaining autonomy in an empathetic, honest and safe environment."

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