Silvia Campos

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"I am motivated by the possibility of promoting well-being and balance in people's lives, promoting and favoring access to self-knowledge."

Areas of intervention:

Anxiety, Stress, Mindfulness, Emotional Management, Personal Development

Appointments in Portuguese and English


  • Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Order No. 12028

  • Member of the Portuguese Society of Constructive Psychotherapies

  • Graduate in Psychotherapy at the Portuguese Society of Constructive Psychotherapies since 2015

  • Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Minho

  • Clinical experience in a private context with children, adolescents and adults

  • Clinical experience in an institutional context with children and families

  • Complementary training in Psychological Intervention in Disaster Situations

  • Complementary training in Emotional Focused Therapy

  • Complementary training in Self-Compassion & Mindfulness

  • Complementary training in Positive Therapy with Children with Trauma