Liliana Portela

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"What motivates me in the practice of psychology is the possibility of contributing to the well-being and personal development of the people with whom I work and their interpersonal relationships, thus contributing to a better world."

Areas of intervention:

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Interpersonal Relations, EMDR

Appointments in Portuguese and English


  • Effective Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Order nº 12933

  • Master in Clinical Psychology EMDR therapist (level 2) Member of the EMDR Portugal Association nº132

  • Therapist in Brainspotting EMDR Psychotherapy Training at EMDR Portugal Association

  • Training in Ego States by ISC International

  • Training in Inter and Transgenerational Transmission of Traumas and Resources

  • Specialization in Gender Equality Couple Therapy Training